Sunday, January 01, 2006

Our Years in Ledang English School from 1960 to 1965

(This photo taken from Lim Bee Huan's collection)
Class photo of Standard 1 B
Look, the grass was not even cut. We used to have our PE
lessons there, but luckily, no snakes. We were so small, so
any snakes would certainly look big.

(This photo from my collection)

Apparently the grass has grown taller after Class 1B photo was taken.

This was my class, Standard 1C.

You should be able to recognise Ong Heng Leng, the one with

the most exposed forehead.

(This photo taken from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

I think this Standard 2A.

Anybody has a story to tell?

This is my class, Standard 2B. You know, this teacher, Mr Ang.

One day he smelt something smelly in class and he asked who has farted.

Of couse nobody admitted. So he gave everyone a blackboard white

chalk, and he said "bring back the chalk tomorrow, the one whose

chalk has grown shorter will be caned"

Of course we now know this is all nonsense but it was so real.

So, 2nd day came, and we brought back our chalks. Mine was broken

into 2 pcs and so were many others (you put the chalk into one of

rattan schoolbag, and what do you expect? stay in one pc?) But lucky

for me I got a replacement, somebody bought a dozen to share.

Unfortunately, a few others were caned.

(This photo taken from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

The photo says it: Standard 3A 1962.

Because the school ran out of space, they kicked us out and we

landed in St. Matthew's school. You know, behind the school was

Agatha's house. Agatha's mother reared chickens and ducks and they

ran freely in the space in front of her house which was also the school

field. During PE, we also ran freely in the field. It was kind of fun esp.

when you also step on poultry shits.

Do you people remember that when we had Art lessons in the evening and there was

no water on the tap? The teacher collected the water from the pond among the rubber

trees behind the school. You collect the water in the pail and put all kinds of colour

paints into the water and stir it, then you place a white art paper above the water

and bravo, you get rainbow colours printed on the art paper. and we did them

on the lonkang outside the classroom.

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

This is class 4B, the photo says so!

Hey, what about Class 1 A, Class 2C, Class 3B and C and Class 4C photos?

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

This picture was taken in 1964 and back to our original school.

The faces are easier to recognise as we had grow bigger. Charlie Wong

was the class teacher. Of course Seng Jee Oun was the class monitor.

You can see the monitor badge displayed proudly on his shirt.

The girls were definitely bigger and taller than the boys who were

still playing with marbles.

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

This is Class 6A. I was'nt in this class; I failed to make the grade, so

I was in Standard 6B with Vijayakumar. Unfortunately, I do not

have the photo for Standard 6B. What about 6C.